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“My name is Dimitri Miolano and as long as I have been practicing sport, I’ve been searching for a nutrition that is at the same time simple, natural and functional.

I never wanted to take an off the shelf supplement that is available in today's market, these products can indeed give you an immediate energy boost you want but the product rich in subtance only pollutes your body the following day.

I always believed that these are precursors or enhancers of allergies and other food intolerances. That is the reason why I am looking for something without chemicals or addictive substances.

I came to realise that a complete range of organic food supplements is what was needed to ensure a healthy respect for the body. This did not exist!

For this reason and my twenty years of experience in organic raw materials trading. I started to develop, with the support of dieticians, sports nutrition experts and athletes I have produced a variety of organic products for sport.

That’s how « ON Energy » was born, the solution to a long and passionate quest. A complete collection, exclusive and evolving, made solely from ingredients carefully selected, from organic farming, nothing is added, no colorant, additives, artificial aromas or sweeteners. This enables the product to supply energy to professional athletes or people who are committed in sport an amateur or just more simply passionate about physical activity, the energy they need, without risking any collateral damage to the body after sport.

In the beginning I was not sure whether my message would be loud and clear. Now I am certain that because I have discovered a valuable organic food supplement my wish is to share with as many people as possible. I am so pleased and happy that many people are enjoying "ON ENERGY" brand by increasing their physical well-being while and a true boost to energy.

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The philosopher Feuerbach long ago said, "We are what we eat”.

Encouraging people to enjoy an informed and healthy diet.We believe that a correct diet is the basis for proper fitness and a good state of health, backed up where necessary with the use of correct supplements.

Our organisms use what we eat as building blocks. We are made of the solid food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, by our own and other people's thoughts and by everything around us. The quality and purity of the substances absorbed by our bodies in overall terms are the basis for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. What we eat becomes part of us and will affect our chemical, biological and energy processes. If a substance is compatible with our nature, our bodies will absorb and benefit from it easily; but if a substance is not compatible with our bodies, it will contaminate us, it will be difficult to neutralise its negative effects and we will waste energy and vitality.

This is our objective: support good health through food and physical exercise to live better and longer.

Practising sports implies using up energy and substances that our bodies must in some way integrate in order to re-establish our psycho-physical equilibrium.

We have decided to use ingredients from organic agriculture, to eliminate food colourings, sweeteners, additives and artificial aromas and this has enabled us to develop a product that helps our bodies re-establish a proper balance and avoid all the problems associated with consumption of harmful substances.

Enjoying the "on" range of products, thanks to our mission, means you will benefit from an intelligent and responsible diet.

Our choices help your future.

On Integratori's Team.

On supplements supports 1% for the planet for initiatives to protect the environment.


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